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About Insurance Network America

INA is an independent resource for agents to obtain solution oriented products to offer their clients and prospects. Independent agents don’t need more companies trying to force products upon them, they need a partner to help find the best solutions for their clients and prospects so they can build their business.

INA is such a partner with a portfolio of products from numerous companies offering life insurance, annuities, health insurance and various employee benefits. All our industry has to offer is promises and promises rely on trust; a client’s trust in their agent, and an agent’s trust in their resource for products and the companies offering those products. INA works diligently every day to earn the trust of agents throughout the country. Allow us to earn your trust and become a partner with you.

Insurance Network is a resource for independent agents throughout the country for nearly all lines of life insurance, health insurance and annuities. We have marketing consultants who are experts in their particular type of insurance whether it is annuities, life insurance or health insurance. And, INA marketing consultants are assigned to work with specific agents and agencies, so you know who to call and what to expect.

Insurance Network America was founded in 1987 and quickly became one of the premier, privately owned small group health insurance wholesalers in the country. For more than 12 years, INA has been the largest independent distributor for one major small group health carrier and is currently the largest distributor for another. And, INA is gaining recognition throughout the country as a privately owned, significant distributor of quality annuity, life insurance and long term care insurance.