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The GPS Rewards Program (Visit Site)

Introducing a new way for you to provide real-world value in our changing healthcare economy: Insurance Network America's new GPS Rewards program. This program helps you offer discounted health benefits and services for employees - and are a perfect complement to self-funded health care plans. These discounts and services can defray many of the costs to employees under self-funded plans - reducing doctor's office visits, pharmacy costs, and much more.

Below are the incredible services offered by the GPS package at just $10 per month for employers for each employee and their family! (Click on each for more details)

                   •  Doctors by Phone with No Consultation Fee (Teladoc)
                  •  Diabetic Management
                   •  Doctors Online
                   •  Retail Pharmacy
                   •  Lab Testing
                   •  Hearing Aids
                   •  Retail Health Clinics
                   •  MRI & CT Scans
                   •  Health Advocate Services (Medical Bill SaverTM, Medical Health Advisor & NurselineTM)
                   •  Durable Medical Equipment
                   •  Health Wealth Connection
                   •  Vitamins

The GPS+ package provides all of the benefits above, PLUS the following for just $20 per month!

                   •  Identity Theft Protection (Safe Identity - Family)
                   •  CashBack Rewards Mall
                   •  SaversGuide®
                   •  Legal Care Direct 

INA's GPS Rewards program not only helps you bring incredible services and benefits to you clients and prospects, but offers you incredible rewards on top of your commission! Most incentive programs in the insurance industry are only for new sales, last a limited amount of time and few brokers actually qualify. This incentive program is different: points accumulate for new sales and renewals as long as employees remain active and all selling brokers accumulate points monthly!

Earn additional rewards such as:

               •  Car leases from Cadillac, Lexus, Infiniti and Aston Martin!
               •  Watches and jewelry from Breitling, Baume et Mercier and Rolex!

Contact your INA Marketing Specialist to learn how easy it is not only to qualify, but to actually utilize this program and turn your vision for your business into reality. Click below, or call us at 1.800.456.7999 to see how close you are to using your rewards to build your marketing presence.


Not available to VT, WA, UT or KS residents.

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Discount Lab Work Benefit is not available to MA, MD, ND, NJ, NY, RI or SD residents.