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Fixed Index Annuities (FIAs) provide increased protection from market volatility and offer the potential for growth that many of your clients are looking for. With an FIA, the contract owner has the opportunity for potential income growth when the market is up, but can be protected from loss of principal when the market declines.

Fixed Index Annuities can also offer your clients an income they cannot outlive. For those concerned about their retirement income and maintaining their standard of living, some FIAs offer increasing income during retirement to offset inflation.

Many FIAs also offer guaranteed death benefits and additional riders, and of course all Fixed Index Annuities accumulate on a tax-deferred basis until withdrawn. Your client’s money can grow faster because they earn interest on dollars that would otherwise be paid as taxes.

We work with over 20 top-rated annuity carriers offering the best annuity products in the industry. INA will help you find the annuity best suited to meet your client’s needs. Contact our Annuity Specialists today and you will see how we will take the work off of your desk, giving you the time to do what you do best – sell!

Whether you’re working with an individual or group interested in purchasing life insurance, INA offers a full spectrum of products to your clients and prospects. INA’s life insurance team is dedicated to helping you develop your life insurance business.

The experts at Insurance Network America are always ready to provide quick, friendly assistance with:


        •  Indexed Universal Life product positioning and training
        •  Life contracting
        •  Life quotes (term and universal life comparisons)
        •  New business processing and tracking
        •  Impaired risk carriers
        •  Case analysis and design
        •  Legacy Planning
        •  College Funding
        •  Business owners needing buy/sell agreements, key person, or executive life insurance programs

We work with more than 20 top-rated life insurance carriers and offer a full range of life insurance products. INA is ready to help you meet the needs of your clients. Let us help you turn your vision for your business into reality!


Did you know...?

1. One in eight people suffer a disability each year?
2. Disability is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy and foreclosure?
3. 75 percent of disabilities are caused by illnesses, such as cancer or heart disease, rather than accidents?

Disability income insurance protects your client’s paycheck by providing income when they are disabled due to illness or injury. At Insurance Network, we have products to meet the needs of your individual or business clients.

For individuals: Single case to large multi-life, association discounts and simplified issue.

For businesses: Buy-sell, key person, business overhead, simplified and guaranteed standard issue.

Contact your Marketing Specialist to assist you in designing the appropriate plan for your client. They will search the marketplace for the most competitive carrier and product available.

Even in a world where everyone is supposed to carry insurance, some may choose not to take it, others may take it but in order to have it will have to take the highest available deductible to afford. These people will still need help with paying for some of the small stuff that happens and certainly with a large claim. These products are the answer for employers looking to help their employees as well a create a new set of employee benefits that will allow them to attract and hold on to top talent!

These low cost, high benefit plans are just the what the doctor ordered!

Call your Employee Benefits Specialist to find out more about how you can position these products to help your employers attract and keep the employees he needs to be successful!

Demand for products like Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability, and Long Term Disability are at an all-time high, and according to the most recent studies that trend is only going to grow. Talk to your Employee Benefits Specialist about some of the sales tools and strategies we have to offer and make sure you have these products in your portfolio. They can help get you not only get in front of your current clients, but reach new ones as well!

If you’re not pushing these products someone else is, keep your competitors away from your clientele by being there first with the products and services they need!

Whether you are looking for products in the 401k, 403b, 457, Individual IRA, or non-qualified monthly premium retirement accounts, we have what you are looking for. Not only can we help you with products for existing payroll slots, we can help you set up plans from start to finish. It all begins with one call to the Insurance Network team.

Over the last 26 years Insurance Network America has seen a lot of changes in the insurance industry. But nothing compares to the challenges that our industry is facing today. The question most agents are asking themselves is: "Who can I partner with to assist me in making sure I'm able to answer the questions my clients and prospects have right now, and those certain to arise?"

These challenging times call for a partnership with an agency that will offer you the education, product solutions, and experience to help you continue to serve your clients, in spite of the obstacles you face every day. Insurance Network America is committed to the health insurance industry, and committed to supporting our agents and their clients..

Whether you’re working with a group five or a group of 5000 lives, INAs Employee Benefit Specialists have the answers to all your questions as well as a full range of products that will meet the different needs that each group represents!

Let us show you how to not just survive but how to thrive and grow your business using some of the products and training listed below:

        •  Alternate-Funded products
        •  Non-Healthcare Reform products
        •  MEC Products
        •  Ancillary & Worksite Products
        •  ACA Training (Always archived on our site for convenient viewing)
        •  Sales Tools and Ideas
        •  The all-new Platinum Producer Program



70% of people over the age of 65 will need some type of long-term care in their lifetime and over 40% will require care in a nursing home for some period of time.1 But, did you know that nearly 41% of long term care is provided to people under age 65 who need help taking care of themselves after an accident or stroke or as a result of chronic
illness or debilitating diseases?2 Your clients are probably underestimate of the need for long term care, and overestimate how much help they will receive from medicare to fund it.

As life expectancy continues to climb, long-term care insurance should be part of any comprehensive retirement plan for your clients or prospects. Insurance Network America has formed a relationship with LTCi Partners to bring you the best LTC products and service.

INA has the tools, experience, and expertise to help you take care of your clients’ long term care needs.

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2 - Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project, “Long-Term Care Financing Policy Options for the Future,” June 2007.