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INA Long Term Care Insurance Business Center

To help you be more efficient in your long term care insurance business, we've created the LTC Business Center with all of the forms and information you need to be successful!

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  • Request a Long Term Care Quote
    Our team of specialists has a wide array of life insurance products including unique riders to address the specific needs of your prospect. Use this online proposal request form and your INA team will immediately start working to find the solution you are looking for!


  • Assistance With Your Hard-to-Place LTC Clients 
    Whether your life insurance prospects have hazardous hobbies, "dangerous" occupations, or stable medical conditions that make it difficult to obtain favorable underwriting, we are here to help you find the solutions you need. Complete the form below with as much information as you have available on your prospect, and our long term care insurance specialists will immediately get to work for you.


  • Where to Send Long Term Care Business
    Please send applications and other paperwork related to LTCI or Life Insurance directly to Insurance Network. Doing so allows us to review the paperwork for completeness, and ensures the fastest possible route through underwriting. We overnight all applications to the insuring company daily.

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