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What Our Producers are Saying:
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Prior to working with INA I was primarily a small group health insurance agent... Due to the training and assistance I received from INA, my first year sales in annuities premiums were over $500,000. My business has grown more than I ever could have imagined.

Karen B., CT

“Working with INA helps solidify the sale knowing that a support team has carefully considered all the factors in helping you, the agent, and the best and most appropriate product for your client. Your INA support person will assist in providing all the sales material and illustrations you need to make the sale. INA is dedicated to your success!”

Jill S., WI

As an independent agent, you typically exchange company support and camaraderie for the freedom that comes with not being a captive agent. INA has worked in a way that we as agents, have all the positive aspects of working with the back up of a big company (and then some) without compromising our status as independent agents.

Carlos R., FL

“INA has been an incredible source of knowledge for our agency. However, knowledge in itself is not enough to keep up with the changes in this industry. That's the reason I value INA. The staff goes beyond knowledge, they actually work with me and my clients to turn that knowledge into solutions that work for both the employer and the employees.

 I have enjoyed working with INA in providing solutions for my individual clients. Together, we will make an impact in this new marketplace. I will be forever grateful for the love the INA team has shown our agency.”

Mary F., TX

“I must say this was the best decision I have ever made for my career and clients. The knowledge and support that they offer far exceed any other insurance carrier or MGA that I have ever worked with.

They are at the forefront of the health care reform - making sure I have educational tools and resources for me and my clients. They know how to think outside of the box in overcoming problems or situations. They have been a true asset for me in helping me grow my business.

I would encourage any agent that wants to move to the next level of their business to work with Insurance Network America.”

Gwen K., NV